OCD & Anxiety Support

Hong Kong

Green Ribbon Campaign

OCD & Anxiety Support HK started the Green Ribbon Campaign in Hong Kong on the 10th of October 2015. The aim of the green ribbon campaign is to wear a touch of green or a green ribbon to support individuals and their families affected by mental health conditions. Green is the colour of mental health and represents balance, strength, hope and growth which we wish sufferers to attain. Wearing green reassures sufferers that they are not alone and breaks down stigma associated with mental illness. Mental illness is often invisible and sufferers conceal their struggles in fear of judgement therefore wearing a green ribbon gives their illness a presence.  We hope that this campaign encourages sufferers to start talking about mental illness and reaching out for help. In addition, the green ribbon campaign serves as a reminder to society to treat those affected by mental illness with the same respect, understanding and care as those with physical illnesses.