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Support Group Meetings

The support group was set up to provide sufferers with a platform where they can voice and share their fears, worries and anxiety in a safe, non-judgemental and confidential environment. Feelings of depression, isolation, helplessness and loneliness are associated with these disorders and people often suffer in silence because of the huge stigma associated with mental health in Asia. The formation of the group has created a community of individuals suffering from OCD and AD who encourage, support and assist each other with the challenges that they face and continuously embrace new members to share and learn from. The group is structured to include discussions, reflections and opportunities to learn and practice different proven methods to reduce anxiety as a group.  It is not compulsory for one to share at meetings if they do not feel comfortable. There is no fee to attend, however contributions are appreciated to cover the cost of running the group.

The support group is open to adults who struggle with intrusive thoughts, constant worries and who feel stuck in negative patterns of thinking.  It is also open to parents who would like help to support their teenagers or children who have OCD or AD.  

Please note that the OCD and Anxiety support group does not counsel or diagnose mental health disorders. It offers support in terms of sharing experiences, listening, providing psychoeducation and learning and applying a range of coping skills.

OCD and Anxiety Support Group Meeting


Saturday 12th January


Saturday 23rd February


Saturday 23rd March 

Saturday 13th April


Saturday 4th May

Saturday 15th June

Saturday 6th July

Saturday 7th September

Saturday 12th October

Saturday 9th November

Saturday 14th December

Our meetings take place from 2:30pm – 4:15pm at:

The Jadis Blurton Development Centre

19th Floor, Kennedy Town Centre

23 Belcher's Street

Kennedy Town, Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2869 1962

Fax: +852 2869 7770



There is no fee to attend but donations are welcome to cover the cost of the meeting. Suggested donation is $50-100